IPv6 License Plates

Disappointed by the general lack of a cohesive list of IPv6 license plate sightings, I opted to create my own. Please let me know if you know of any others.


Arizona / AZ (via Twitter)

IPv6 Arizona / IPv6 AZ


California / CA (via Facebook)

Go IPv6 California / Go IPv6 CA


California / CA (via Facebook)

IPv6 California / IPv6 CA

^ This vehicle apparently used to be a rental car!


California / CA (via Facebook)

IPv6VDL California / IPv6VDL CA


Illinois / IL

IPv6 Illinois / IPv6 IL / IPv 6 Illinois / IPv 6 IL


Kansas / KS (via reddit)

IPv6 Kansas / IPv6 KS

(Sadly, I've heard from the owner that this plate has been retired.)


Michigan / MI (via /r/IPv6)

IPv6 Michigan / IPv6 MI


Missouri / MO (via reddit)

IPv6 Missouri / IPv6 MO


Montana / MT (via Google Image Search)

IPv6 Montana / IPv6 MT


New Hampshire / NH

1Pv6 New Hampshire / 1Pv6 NH


North Carolina / NC (via Google Image Search)

IPv6 North Carolina / IPv6 NC


North Carolina / NC (via Facebook)

TCPIP-V6 North Carolina / TCPIP-V6 NC


Ohio / OH (via Twitter)

IPv6 NRD Ohio / IPv6 NRD OH


Ohio / OH (DM submission)



Oregon / OR (via Instagram)

IPv6 Oregon / IPv6 OR


South Carolina / SC (via Twitter)

IPv6 South Carolina / IPv6 SC


Texas / TX (via ARIN on Facebook)

TCP IPv6 Texas / TCP IPv6 TX


Utah / UT (via Flickr)

IPv6 Utah / IPv6 UT

(Sadly, I've also heard from the owner that this plate has been retired.)


Virginia / VA (via Facebook)

IPv4&6 Virginia / IPv4&6 VA


Virginia #2 / VA #2

Do IPv6 Virginia / Do IPv6 VA


Virginia #3 / VA #3

IPv6 Virginia / IPv6 VA


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